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Eugenia Rainey, Anthropology at Tulane University

Eugenia Rainey


Eugenia Rainey is a PhD candidate in cultural anthropology at Tulane University. She received a BA in anthropology and Southeast Asian languages and civilizations from the University of Chicago. After leaving Chicago, she went on to receive an MFA in creative writing from the University of Nebraska Omaha. Upon graduation, she taught English composition at Delgado Community College. Her research is on the interface of Afro-Cuban religion and Biomedicine in south Florida--focusing on how the biomedical infrastructure influences religious practice and is in turn influenced by it. Through examining patients’ experience and perception of the medical encounter, and being well grounded in religious practice, Eugenia Rainey seeks to better understand how the healthcare infrastructure impacts everyday lives and how Afro-Cuban religious practices bolster the healthcare needs of devotees. Her dissertation research is supported by the Reed Foundation through a grant from the Ruth Landes Memorial Research Fund and by the Tulane School of Liberal Arts.