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Michelle Pigott, Anthropology at Tulane University

Michelle Pigott

Graduate Student


Michelle Pigott is a PhD student in Anthropology with a focus in archaeology of the American Southeast. Michelle has a M.A. in Historical Archaeology from the University of West Florida and a B.A. with honors in Anthropology from the University of Central Florida. She has presented, written, and worked in the field and on collections from Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Louisiana, and California. Previously, Michelle was a staff archaeologist at the University of West Florida where she served as the field director for the primary survey of the 1559 Tristan de Luna Settlement in Pensacola. Michelle’s research interests center on the indigenous navigation of colonialism across the Southeast as well as the relationship between colonialism and indigenous history, and decolonizing anthropology. Her current dissertation work is related to the indigenous political landscape of Joara, the province which accepted and then rejected a 16th century Spanish colonial presence.