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Jing Wang
Visiting Assistant Professor


Rutgers University, PhD


Jing Wang is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at Tulane. Jing is interested in political economy of communication, science and technology studies (STS), and global financial capitalism. She studies how the corporate and political actors use digital media and financial technologies (or so-called fin-techs) to reshape the users’ everyday money-related practices, such as online shopping, digital loans and investment, and gift-exchanges, and how the aggregation of these digital practices reconfigures the structure and power relations in the global financial economy. Jing has been invited to give research talks at NYU, UC, Irvine, and UPenn.

Selected Publications

  • Wang, J. & Doan, M. (forthcoming). The Ant empire: Digital technologies and corporative convergence within and beyond Alibaba. The Political Economy of Communication. (2018) 6:2
  • Wang, J. (2018). From aperture satellite to Internet finance: Institutionalization of ICTs in China’s financial industries since 1991. Telecommunications Policy, (42)7:566-574.
  • Wang, J. (2018). Inclusion or expulsion: digital financial technologies and socio-technical formations in China's Internet finance. Communication and the Public. 3(1): 34-45.
  • Wang, J. (2017). “Stir-frying” Internet finance: Financialization and the institutional role of business and financial news in China. International Journal of Communication, (2017)11: 581-602.