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Naomi DeCelles, Tulane University Department of Communication

Naomi DeCelles

Visiting Assistant Professor


PhD in Film and Media Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara
MA in Cinema and Media Studies, University of California, Los Angeles
BA in Comparative Literature, Stanford University


Naomi DeCelles is a film historian and award-winning translator who teaches film studies at Tulane in her role as Visiting Assistant Professor of Communication. Her areas of interest include feminist and queer historiography, film theory, and public humanities; recent and currently active research projects have been focused on the relationships between historiography and power and on the ethics and poetics of reading the alternative archives and traces of historically marginalized people and communities. DeCelles’s monograph, Recollecting Lotte Eisner: Cinema, Exile, and the Archive (University of California Press, 2022) provides the first in-depth study of the remarkable transnational career of film journalist, archivist, and historian Lotte Eisner (1896–1983). Situated at the juncture of feminist media historiography and disciplinary intellectual history, this groundbreaking book is based on extensive multilingual archival research and the excavation of a rich corpus of previously overlooked materials. In it, DeCelles advances a novel and robust historiographical ethics for contemporary film studies more broadly. Her other publications have appeared in the Journal of Cinema and Media Studies, Uncanny Histories in Film and Media Studies (Rutgers University Press, 2022), Screen, and Quarterly Review of Film and Video; for details and links to these articles, see her ORCiD page: