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Erin J. Kappeler Assistant Professor Department of English Tulane University

Erin J. Kappeler

Assistant Professor of English

Norman Mayer Rm 117


PhD, Tufts University, 2014; BA, Princeton University, 2005


Erin Kappeler received her PhD from Tufts University in 2014. Her current book project, The Secret History of Free Verse: American Prosody and Poetics 1880–1933, is the first historical account of free verse poetry as a race-based construction. Through readings of the journals, literary magazines, and poetry anthologies of the modernist eraThe Secret History of Free Verse identifies the fundamental but, until now, neglected connections between prosodic theories of free verse and constructions of American whiteness, and shows how these discourses shaped popular and academic understandings of African-American and Native American poetry. Kappeler's research has been supported by the ACLS, the Mellon Foundation, and the NEH. Her work has been published in venues including Modernism/modernity, the Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Modernist Poetry, and the edited collection Critical Rhythm (Fordham UP).