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Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellowship

Post-doctoral teaching fellows in the Freshman Writing Program are hired primarily to teach English 1010. They are given one-year contracts that, pending successful, annual review, can be renewed through a terminal fifth year. Fellows teach three sections per semester during the regular academic year.

Evaluation of Postdoctoral Fellows

  1. New fellows

    1. Postdoctoral fellows will have their teaching observed by the Director in each of their first three semesters. A member of the Freshman Writing Program Committee will observe a first year postdoc once during the first year and again in the fall term of the second year. The Director will keep a copy of each observation, as will the chair of the FWP committee.
    2. In the first three semesters, each fellow will submit a full graded paper set each semester to the Director at the Director's request.
    3. Fellows will attend all Rhetoric Forum meetings and scheduled conferences with the Director.
    4. In the first four semesters, each fellow will prepare a self-evaluation, submitted to the Director.
    5. At the end of the third semester, the fellow will prepare a teaching philosophy statement for the Director.
    6. Each fellow will meet with the Director each term for the first two years to discuss student evaluations, graded paper sets, syllabi, teaching observations, self-evaluations, and teaching philosophy. The Director will submit his evaluation of the fellow at the end of the third term.
    7. Each fellow will submit materials for second year review at the beginning of the third term, including CV, Digital Measures report, teaching philosophy, and student evaluations for all semesters to that date.
    8. Passage of second year review results in promotion to senior fellow.
  2. Senior fellows

    1. Senior fellows will be observed annually by the Director. The Director will keep a copy of these observations.
    2. Senior fellows will submit one full graded paper set to the Director, at the Director's request, annually.
    3. Fellows will attend all Rhetoric Forum meetings and scheduled conferences with the Director.
    4. Fellows will insure that their teaching philosophy statement is in the Director's hands and is discussed at the annual conference.
    5. Fellows will submit annual review materials–CV, Digital Measures, student evaluations–each spring on request.
    6. Fellows will attend an annual conference with the Director.