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Grace Leyrer, French & Italian, Tulane University

Grace Leyrer ’17 (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)

“I am currently seeking a Master in History at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where my knowledge of French has proven essential to both my work as a teaching assistant for Louisiana history courses and my research on social movements in France in the late 1960s. I also use French every week during my internship at the university’s archives to identify and process family papers from colonial era and early American New Orleans. The French education I received at Tulane has been instrumental in accessing opportunities for work and scholarships for my graduate studies.”

JAMES J. D. NEWTON, , French & Italian, Tulane University

JAMES J. D. NEWTON ’16 (Marianne Boesky Gallery)

“After teaching English in Calais, France, I moved to New York where I work at the Marianne Boesky Gallery. As a Gallery Assistant, I find my abilities in French very practical and rely on them regularly. All in all, my decision to undertake a French major at Tulane and the experience of working in France set me apart from the competition. Studying French can only benefit you in the long run.”

TIMOTHY DECOTIS, French & Italian, Tulane University

TIMOTHY DECOTIS ’16 (Académie de Rouen)

“I am a Teaching Assistant in Normandy, France, where I work with middle and high school students to improve English skills, with a focus on conversation and pronunciation. The French courses I took at Tulane, particularly Media and Oral Performance, allow me to communicate effectively with my colleagues and determine the best teaching practices for my own students.”

BRIDGET STANGA, French & Italian, Tulane University

BRIDGET STANGA ’15 (Consulate General of France in New Orleans)

“I decided to study French at Tulane so I could become truly bilingual, and express myself in French orally and on paper at the same level as I could in English. Thanks to the Tulane French department, I was able to continue to develop my French and deepen my understanding of French culture. My ability to communicate effectively in both French and English helped me secure my current position at the Consulate General of France in New Orleans, where I use both languages extensively every day! A huge part of our mission is the promotion of the French language in Louisiana, helping Louisianians reconnect with their Francophone past, and to develop a relationship with other French-speaking populations in the Caribbean region. Tulane’s French department first introduced me to the diverse development of the French language across the world, and provided a great foundation for my current work with regional Louisiana French.”

CAROLINE LANFORD, French & Italian, Tulane University

CAROLINE LANFORD ’15 (The Atlantic)

“The French department was incredibly helpful in assembling my application for the Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF). I spent my first year after graduation in the beautiful town of Draguignan in the South of France teaching English in the local primary schools. It was one of the best decisions I ever made, and I never could have done it without the help of my French professors. Since September 2016, I’ve been living in Washington, DC, where I work at The Atlantic, where I’m an editorial assistant to the Washington Editor at Large. I don’t use French everyday, but we will be hosting our CityLab conference in Paris this year with Mayor Anne Hidalgo, London mayor Sadiq Kahn, and Mayor Mitch Landrieu. ”

MADELINE PARRISH, French & Italian, Tulane University

MADELINE PARRISH ’15 (KOTO - Know One, Teach One)

“I live in Vietnam, where I volunteer for a local non-profit and work part-time at a travel agency. The travel agency works mostly with francophone clients but I work in the newly formed English-speaking department. However, I use French every day to talk with the other Vietnamese people in the francophone departments. It’s such an enriching experience to be able to communicate with them in French and increase the number of people I learn from and connect with. I also love using my French to help me better understand Vietnamese.”

MOSSIE LIERLE, French & Italian, Tulane University

MOSSIE LIERLE ’14 (Google; Client Amazement)

“Both of the jobs I currently hold require French proficiency. I work remotely for Google, reviewing French advertising content for cultural and linguistic accuracy. I also work as a French-speaking account representative for an IT training company in Phoenix, where I serve as a liaison to our French-Canadian clients. I recently translated the company’s website into French as well. I would not be where I am in my career without the outstanding course instruction and mentorship from Tulane’s French faculty. I began to study French my freshman year at Tulane, but thanks to the encouragement of my professors, I quickly gained confidence in the language. I continued to take as many French courses as possible and had the opportunity to study abroad in France my junior year. Deciding to major in French was one of the best decisions I have made! My French education at Tulane has been invaluable to my personal and professional growth.”

Sarah Estryn, French & Italian, Tulane University

Sarah Estryn ’14 (BURG Translations, Inc.)

“I manage business development for a Chicago-based Language Service Provider and do some freelance French to English translation on the side. Thanks to learning French and delving deeper into the francophone world, I understand the extent to which global business relies on effective communication between people of different cultures and backgrounds.”

BROOKE SCHUELLER, French & Italian, Tulane University

BROOKE SCHUELLER ’13 (Marigny Opera House)

“I am currently employed at the Marigny Opera House as Wardrobe Mistress, where I manage and design costumes for the ballet. I am also launching a clothing brand under the name ‘Sauvageries.’ I apply my French education to deciphering ballet terms as well as instructions on vintage lingerie patterns.”

ANNE LOOTENS, French & Italian, Tulane University

ANNE LOOTENS ’13 (Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans)

“Majoring in French at Tulane directly led me to my current position as an academic interventionist at Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans, a French immersion charter school in New Orleans. I use skills I honed at Tulane on a daily basis, communicating exclusively in French with colleagues and students”

MICHAEL ROSS, French & Italian, Tulane University

MICHAEL ROSS ’13 (Freelance Translator and Interpreter)

“I am a freelance French-English translator and interpreter. Studying French at Tulane brought my language skills up to a much higher level, making it possible for me to build this career where I get to help facilitate communication between French speakers and English speakers all the time.”

MATTHEW BRANDEBURG, French & Italian, Tulane University


“I am a Consultant at Deloitte, a professional services firm, where I work with the Department of Defense as a member of Deloitte’s Federal practice. In my day to day, I constantly interact with stakeholders and information sources from a variety of nations, and French has been a critical tool in my skillset. Many countries of interest, from financial markets to conflict areas, utilize French. The Department of French and Italian at Tulane, by giving more than just a grammatical instruction, but also a a strong cultural and historical context for the language, gave me the skills I needed to successfully tackle the challenges of my work. My French background has been a definite edge in the job market.”

DANA AZZOUG, French & Italian, Tulane University

DANA AZZOUG ’12 (Marketing Content Specialist)

“I am currently a Freelance inbound marketing specialist living in Marseille, France. My clients are both French and English speaking and I occasionally provide freelance translation services on demand. My decision to major in French at Tulane University was one of the best choices I ever made, and has directed the course of my life ever since. Tulane’s French Department provided me with a rigorous language education that had me fluent by the end of my junior year, and introduced me to the complexities of French culture, politics, and philosophy.”

TERESA BRUNO, French & Italian, Tulane University

TERESA BRUNO ’07 (Hunter College)

“My French studies at Tulane set the foundation for my graduate coursework in applied linguistics and education, and my general education at Tulane prepared me for ongoing academic and professional success. Tulane’s emphasis on service and community engagement drove me to my career to serve public school students and teachers and enrich their linguistic opportunities. I have been working at the Hunter College School of Education since 2013, concentrating on teacher education for ESL and Bilingual French, Spanish and Mandarin classroom teachers. I coordinate the TESOL & Bilingual Partnership programs. I have also worked collaboratively on many initiatives: as a City University of New York Delegate for the Vietnam-US Partnership and as a conference organizer for the New York City Department of Education World Languages Department, among others. My work has led me on service-learning trips to France, Switzerland, Italy, Thailand, and India, and I continue to use French in my career.”

Dane Stalcup, French & Italian, Tulane University

Dane Stalcup ’05 (Associate Professor at Wagner College)

“In May of 2019, Dane Stalcup was awarded tenure and promotion to associate professor at Wagner College (Staten Island, NY), where he coordinates the French studies program and serves as chair of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. After a Bachelor’s (2004) and Master’s (2005) in French at Tulane, Dane did his PhD (2013) at New York University under the direction of Richard Sieburth. Dane’s recent publications focus on the autobiographical writings and music of the composer Hector Berlioz. Dane lives in Manhattan with his lovely partner, Leonel.”

Catherine Weiss, French & Italian, Tulane University

Catherine Weiss ’05 (Yoga Instructor and Educator)

“I am currently researching PhD programs to continue my study of embodied movement as part of spiritual practice. In the meantime, I'm developing a program to bring yoga to children in the foster care system.”

Scott Powers, French & Italian, Tulane University

Scott Powers ’02 (Professor of French at University of Mary Washington)

“In June 2019, Scott M. Powers, Professor of French at the University of Mary Washington, began a two-year term as President of the Association des littératures canadiennes et québécoise (ALCQ). After completing a two-year term as Francophone Vice-President, Scott will lead the executive committee in all affairs related to the ALCQ, including the organization of its annual conference and the awarding of the annual literary award, the Prix Gabrielle Roy. Scott also recently published the article entitled “Tu n’as pas à te sentir coupable d’être: A Multiversal Approach to Guilt in Gaétan Soucy’s L’Acquittement” in Studies in Canadian Literature / Études en littérature canadienne (2019). His essay, “Secularity, the Animal Other, and the ‘Fragilized Text’ in the Works of Jean-François Beauchemin,” is forthcoming with Québec Studies (2020).”

Christine McCall Probes, French & Italian, Tulane University

Christine McCall Probes ’69 (Professor at the University of South Florida)

“Christine McCall Probes, Professor at the University of South Florida, is happy to report several recent “student successes” including admissions and full support in doctoral programs at Brown and CUNY Graduate School. She was pleased to publish five articles in international journals and to co-edit the interdisciplinary volume Les Femmes et le voyage/Women and Traveling.”

Larry M. Loeb, French & Italian, Tulane University

Larry M. Loeb ’62 (Independent Media Consultant)

“I was a double major, Political Science and French, and spent Junior Year Abroad with introductory stay in Dijon and then to Paris at l'Institut d'Etudes Politiques and Cours de Civilisation Francaise a la Sorbonne. I am fully retired as of February 2018 from the practice of law (Columbia Law School, J.D. 1996) after a 31-year career at the ABC Television Network followed by a 19-year career at The Hearst Corporation. At both jobs I specialized in international corporate matters and was able to take advantage of French language skills gained at Tulane (and the Louisiana bayous) in negotiating contracts of various types including acquisition agreements, licensing agreements, etc. My connection with the French language has continued in retirement through membership in the U.S.A. Foundation of Sciences Po and participation in its various alumni events; also I joined a reading group for discussion of A la Recherche du Temps Perdu of Marcel Proust and of the group of ten participants there are only three of us reading the entire oeuvre in French. Summer plans include a Reunion in Antwerp (Anvers) of former jurists for the Legal Committee of the European Broadcasting Union on which I served for 25 years and where I am the only American invitee. I look forward to a few days in Paris during which I shall attend a play at the Theatre de l'Odéon (old stomping ground during Junior Year Abroad) to be followed by a visit with friends (whom I met during Sciences Po classes) in the Basque region of France.”

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