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Writing intensive requirement

Students can satisfy the School of Liberal Arts' writing intensive requirement by taking a course that is designated as "writing-intensive" in the course schedule and by signing up for a writing practicum associated with that course. A writing practicum is a 1 credit add-on course that enables students to fulfill the writing intensive requirement. In order to fulfill this requirement, a course or practicum must require:

  • At least 20 pages of academic writing in one or more papers
  • The rewriting of at least 10 pages in response to criticisms and comments by the instructor. The rewritten work may be on paper of 10 pages or more or two papers of 5 pages or more each.

The writing practicum and course are graded separately, and a letter grade must be assigned for both the course and the practicum. The S/U option may not be used to satisfy the writing requirement.

The Department of History offers writing practica in all areas of history for courses from the 2000 to the 6000 level. All writing practica have the same number within each sub group: 2880, 3880, 4880, or 6880, for example HISB 4880 or HISE 6880. Each semester the History Department designates several courses as Writing Intensive or Writing Intensive Optional. If a student would like to add a writing practica onto another History course, s/he must request that the instructor add a practicum onto the class. If the instructor agrees, the student must then register for the 1-credit writing practica that corresponds with the class. Instructors may choose to cap the number of students who can register for the writing practicum option.