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Major/Minor before January 1, 2013

Major Requirements (students declared a History Major before January 1, 2013)

A history major ordinarily consists of 30 credits (10 courses) distributed over three fields:

  • a minimum of four courses in the first field,
  • three courses in the second field,
  • two courses in the third field,
  • and a 10th course may be taken from ANY field.

The fields are:

  • Ancient and Medieval Europe
  • The Middle East/North Africa
  • Africa
  • Modern Europe
  • United States
  • Latin America

Students may select no more than four courses numbered 1990 and below (and no more than two in one field). The department also requires three or more courses numbered 4000 and above, with at least one of these being in the first field. In addition, the department offers two alternative tracks:

  • Mediterranean World
  • Atlantic World

Minor Requirements (Students who declared a History Minor BEFORE January 1, 2013)

A minor in history consists of at least 18 credits, one-half of which must be numbered 2000 and above, with one course numbered 4000 and above. They must be distributed among at least two fields, with a minimum of two courses in each field. The approved fields are as defined in the requirements for the major.