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Matthew Kocsan


Matthew Kocsan arrived at Tulane University in 2011. Interested in the relationship between religion and culture and the making of foreign policy, he has presented papers on this subject and others at the Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, the Newberry Library, and the Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies. He is currently writing his dissertation, The Generation of 1588: Destinies, Anxieties, and Identities in Imperial Spain, tracing the formation of a political generation of the Counter-Reformation and how their experiences shaped their governing priorities, especially in the field of foreign affairs. A native Clevelander, he received his Master’s from Texas Tech University in 2011, writing his thesis on food and food culture in early modern Spain and colonial Latin America, and his Bachelor’s from The Ohio State University in 2008.


Early Modern Europe, Early Modern Spain, Religion, International History