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Yigit Akin Associate Professor Department of History

Yigit Akin

Associate Professor
Hebert 215A


PhD, Ohio State, 2011


Yigit Akin specializes in History of the Islamic World and Modern Middle East.

Selected Publications


When the War Came Home: The Ottomans' Great War and the Devastation of an Empire (Stanford University Press, 2018)

Gürbüz ve Yavuz Evlatlar: Erken Cumhuriyette Beden Terbiyesi ve Spor [Robust and Vigorous Children: Physical Education and Sports in Early Republican Turkey](Iletisim Yayinlari, 2004). (2nd ed., 2014; 3rd ed., 2018).

Articles and Book Chapters

"Seferberlik: Building Up the Ottoman Home Front," in World War I and the End of the Ottomans: From the Balkan Wars to the Armenian Genocide, eds. Hans-Lukas Kieser, Kerem Oktem, and Maurus Reinkowski (I.B. Tauris, 2015), 54-73.

"War, Women, and the State:  The Politics of Sacrifice in the Ottoman Empire during the First World War," Journal of Women's History 29, no. 3 (2014): 12-35.

"Reconsidering State, Party, and Society in Early Republican Turkey:  Politics of Petitioning," International Journal Of Middle East Studies 39, no. 3 (2007): 435-457.

"The Dynamics of Working class Politics in Early Republican Turkey:  Language, Identity, and Experience," International Review of Social History 54, no 17S (2009): 167-188.