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COVID-19 Response & Resources

Students: There is still Summer 2020 online course availability. Get a head start on your requirements with offerings including creative industries through crisis, film and media, festivals, tourism, the hospitality industry, and disease throughout history, across literature, media, cultural expression, religion, and more. View all Liberal Arts Summer Courses.

Public Programs

We’re bringing the world’s leading scholars, creators, and Jewish communal leaders to New Orleans for a series of lectures, seminars, films, and exhibits showcasing the American Jewish experience. Southern Jewish history will be a particular focus of our programming, capitalizing on our partnerships with other institutions.

Fall 2020 online public programming:

Antisemitism Uncovered

In March 2020, the Anti-Defamation League published a comprehensive new guide to contemporary antisemitism. Titled "Antisemitism Uncovered: A Guide to Old Myths in a New Era," this guide offers a concise history of anti-Jewish hatred and explores seven myths that underpin it. Dr. Golan Moskowitz will moderate a conversation about the project's conception, its contents, and its implications for the American Jewish experience, past and present. The distinguished panel includes a leader from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Dr. Jonathan Sarna (Brandeis University), and Dr. Magda Teter (Fordham University).

A New Portrait of American Jews: Making Sense of the 2020 Pew Data

In fall 2020, the influential Pew Research Center will release a new national study of American Jews, which will detail findings on the size, beliefs, practices and attitudes of the U.S. Jewish population. To offer us a first look at the report and help us better understand what these new data mean and their implications for research and practice, Dr. Ilana Horwitz will moderate a conversation with two experts of American Jewry: Dr. Leonard Saxe, the Klutznick Professor of Contemporary Jewish Studies and Social Policy at Brandeis University, and Dr. Ari Y. Kelman, the Jim Joseph Professor of Education and Jewish Studies at Stanford University.

America’s Jewish Women: A History from Colonial Times to Today

What does it mean to be a Jewish woman in America? Dr. Pamela S. Nadell will explore her groundbreaking history of how Jewish women maintained their identity and influenced social activism as they wrote themselves into American history. Dr. Nadell’s book won the National Jewish Book Award–Everett Family Foundation Jewish Book of the Year.

Impactful Giving Opportunities

Lectures, Roundtables, and Films

A fund for Lectures, Roundtables, and Films will bring internationally renowned speakers to the Grant Center. Our participants—artists, scholars, public intellectuals, communal leaders—will contribute to a robust conversation about Jewish culture, history, and ideas, to which the entire Tulane community is invited.

For more information, contact Kassie Cosgrove