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Computer Music Lab

The Newcomb Music Department's Computer Music lab is a multi-use facility for teaching, composition, computer music (sequencing, hard disk recording and editing, and sound design), music publishing, musicianship (fundamentals of theory and ear training), musicology (transcription and analysis). The lab is equipped with thirteen Dell workstations (1.6 GHz) with Windows XP and CD authoring. Each workstation is equipped with a Roland RS-9 or RS-5 synthesizer, Digidesign Digi 003 Rack audio and MIDI interface, Digidesign Pro Tools LE, Cakewalk Sonar, Adobe Audition, MAX/MSP, MATLAB, Finale and Sibelius, and Band-in-a-box. The lab also provides a networked printer and scanner, as well as networked storage.

For more information about the computer music facilities, please refer to the Tulane Music Technology (tMt) website.