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David Colaço, Department of Philosophy at Tulane University

David Colaço

Visiting Assistant Professor


Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, HPS (2019)
B.A., Rutgers University (2012)


Academic Interests

  • History and Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Cognitive Science
  • Philosophy of Neuroscience

Selected Publications

  • Colaço, D. (2020). Recharacterizing scientific phenomena. European Journal for Philosophy of Science 10, 14.
  • Jarbo, K., Colaço, D., & Verstynen, T. (2020). Contextual framing of loss impacts harm avoidance during risky spatial decisions. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making.
  • Stuart, M., Colaço, D., & Machery, E. (2019). P-curving x-phi: Does experimental philosophy have evidential value? Analysis 79(4), 669-684.
  • Colaço, D. (2018). Rip it up and start again: The rejection of a characterization of a phenomenon. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 72, 32-40.
  • Colaço, D. (2018). Rethinking the role of theory in exploratory experimentation. Biology and Philosophy 33(5-6), 33-38.