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Jonathan Riley Professor Department of Philosophy Tulane University

Jonathan Riley

Major Advisor
108 Tilton Hall


D.Phil. Oxford University (1983)
BA Queens University, Kingston (1973)


Academic Interests:

  • Liberalism
  • Utilitarian Ethics
  • Rational Choice Theory
  • Constitutionalism

Co-founding Editor:

  • PPE: A Journal of Politics Philosophy, and Economics.

Books Authored:

Books Edited:

Selected Articles:

Selected Book Chapters:

  • "John Stuart Mill”, in D. Pritchard, ed., Oxford Bibliographies in Philosophy. New York: Oxford University Press (2019)
  • “Bentham, Mill, Stoicism and Higher Pleasures”, in G.Varouxakis and M. Philp, eds., Utility and Happiness: Essays Presented in Honour of Frederick Rosen. London: University College London Press (2019)
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  • “Liberty”, in C. McKinnon, ed., Issues in Political Theory , 3rd edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2015): 30-53. (a different version of this chapter is included in the 2nd edition of this Oxford collection published in 2012,101-123. Original version of the chapter is included in the 1st edition published in 2008, 103-125)
  • “Welfare: Philosophical Aspects”, in J.D. Wright, ed., International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences , 2nd edition., Vol. 25. Oxford: Elsevier (2015): 504-510 (substantially revised version of the article in the first edition of the Encyclopedia)
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A complete list of Jonathan Riley's publications is available here.