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Mark Vail Professor Department of Political Science Tulane University

Mark Vail

Office Hours: By Appointment, please email Prof. Vail to set up an appointment


I joined the Tulane faculty in 2005, after receiving my Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. My research interests focus on the comparative political economy of advanced industrial societies, with a particular focus on Western Europe, economic and social policy, and the influence of political ideas and ideologies. My first book, Recasting Welfare Captialism: Economic Adjustment in Contemporary France and Germany, was published by Temple University Press in 2010. I have published work in the Journal of Comparative Politics, the European Journal of Political ResearchGovernanceWest European Politics, and the Journal of Common Market Studies, among other venues. I am currently completing a book entitled Liberalism in Illiberal States: Ideas and Economic Adjustment in Contemporary Europe, which analyzes how distinctive national liberal traditions shape patterns of adjustment in times of economic instability.


Research Interests: Comparative Politics, Political Economy, W. Europe