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Mitchell Sellers Department of Political Science Tulane University

Mitchell Sellers

Visiting Assistant Professor

Office Hours: Wed. 4:00pm-7:00pm, via Zoom. Please contact Prof. Sellers for a Zoom link.


Dr. Mitchell Sellers is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Tulane University. He joined Tulane's Political Science Department in 2019, and earned his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Florida in 2016. He teaches courses on American Politics, Public Policy and Research Methodology. 

Dr. Sellers’ research interests fall broadly into the field of state politics and policies, in addition to civil rights policy broadly defined (race, gender and LGBTQ concerns). He specializes in American politics, research design, statistics, and public policy. His research on policy diffusion, executive orders and transgender rights has appeared in several scholarly outlets, including Political Research Quarterly, Journal of Public Policy, Administration & Society, and was a with author for The Remarkable Rise of Transgender Rights (University of Michigan Press, 2018).

He has received research support from the Bob Graham Center for Public Service, and has worked with the Capital Improvements Department in the City of San Marcos, TX. His current projects analyze gubernatorial use of executive orders to understand when and why governors use unilateral powers, and policies that shape civil rights from states and local governments.


State politics and policy, executive politics, policymaking, civil rights policy broadly defined and LGBTQ policy