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Embracing Our Dual Identify as a Research 1 University with a Liberal Arts College Approach

Research and Innovation

Embracing Our Dual Identify as a Tier-1 Research University with a Liberal Arts College Approach

Research is the cornerstone of knowledge production, and it provides a path for applying academic insights to better understand and engage with the world around us. As an R1 university, Tulane’s School of Liberal Arts faculty and students are engaged in research projects that focus on a range of topics at the local, national, and global level.

The next advances of the world “will come from people who are able to link beauty to engineering, humanity to technology and poetry to processors."

– Walter Isaacson, School of Liberal Arts Professor and best-selling author

On Good Authority Podcast: Episode 42 – The Cost of Corruption

Public and white-collar corruption affect society in ways not always obvious. Addressing corruption can help us tackle more extensive societal issues like taxes, infrastructure, and poverty. But how do we do that? According to leading national economist Gary “Hoov” Hoover, we all must take action.

Host: Roger Dunaway
Editor: David Gladow
Producer: Audrey Burroughs
Production team: Marianna Boyd, Keith Brannon, Audrey Burroughs, Chelsea Christopher, Faith Dawson, Roger Dunaway, Aryanna Gamble, Becca Hildner and Roman Vaulin

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Gary Hoover; The cost of corruption