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Coastal New Orleans: Lost Communities of the Urban Delta, 1820s-1920s

Uptown Campus


Woldenberg Art Center


Freeman Auditorium

New Orleans Center for the Gulf South would like to invite you to Coastal New Orleans: Lost Communities of the Urban Delta, 1820s-1920s, a lecture by Richard Campanella.
Old Lake End. Citrus. Elkinsburgh. Metairieville. East End. Lee. South Point. New Lake End. Bucktown. West End. Spanish Fort. Milneburg. Sea Brook. Little Woods. Michoud.
These and other communities—some tiny hamlets, others famous resorts—graced the coastal-deltaic periphery of urban New Orleans throughout the long nineteenth century, mostly along or near the shore of the brackish bay we call Lake Pontchartrain.
Many are long gone; others persist in different forms, and all tell stories of opportunity, risk, persistence, adaptation, and, ultimately, geographical transformation.
Join Richard Campanella, geographer and author with the Tulane School of Architecture and Monroe Fellow with the New Orleans Center for the Gulf South, for an illustrated exploration of New Orleans’ lost coastal communities and their spaces today.
For more information, please contact Regina Cairns at or 504-314-2854.


Open to:
Alumni, Faculty, Graduate students, Parents, Prospective undergrads, Staff, Undergraduates, Visitors

For more information contact: Regina Cairns via email to or by phone at 504-314-2854
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