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Judeo-Christian Studies Public Lecture

Uptown Campus


Rogers Memorial Chapel

Other location info: 

1229 Broadway, between Oak and Zimple

Diana Schaub is Professor of Political Science at Loyola University of Maryland. Following her undergraduate studies at Kenyon College, Prof. Schaub received her MA and PhD from the University of Chicago. Her teaching and writing are concerned with issues in political philosophy and American political thought. In 2018, she served as Visiting Professor of Political Theory in the Government Department at Harvard. She is a contributing editor of The New Atlantis and on the publication committee of National Affairs. She has written numerous aricles and essays and is the author of Erotic Liberalism: Women and Revolution in Montesquieu's "Persian Letters" and co-edited an anthology, What So Proudly We Hail: America's Soul in Story, Speech, and Song.


Open to:
Alumni, Faculty, Graduate students, Parents, Prospective undergrads, Staff, Undergraduates, Visitors

For more information contact: Nancy Tatarski via email to or by phone at 866-8793
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