Professional French Program

Diplôme de Français Professionnel

The B.A. or M.A. in French may be combined with a DIPLÔME DE FRANÇAIS PROFESSIONNEL awarded by the Paris Chamber of Commerce in the following fields:

The Diplômes de français professionnel will enable you to demonstrate the level of competency required by your future employers. They will also allow you to connect with international and French-speaking professionals and will help you, therefore, on your path to becoming a successful global citizen.

Designed and offered by the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Diplômes de français professionnel are calibrated to coincide with the different levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) developed by the Council of Europe, with diplomas ranging from level elementary (A2) to proficient (C2).

Candidates obtain a diploma upon completion of an exam, which is conceived based on real-life professional situations and is adapted to today’s economy. The Department of French and Italian at Tulane is a CCI accredited test center. It provides training for the DFP certification exam, at the B1, B2, or C1 level, depending on your level of proficiency. To prepare for the exam, students are strongly encouraged to take FRENCH 3060 (Business French), offered in the fall semester and FRENCH 4060/6060 (Professional French), offered in the spring semester.

Please feel free to contact Professor Sojic ( if you have any questions regarding the Professional French Program.

Professional French Diploma Awardees

Our Professional French Program was launched in the fall of 2018, with courses designed to help French students incorporate their French skills into a variety of future workplaces and enhance their career prospects. Students who attend these courses are given the opportunity to graduate with two degrees at once, combining their Bachelor of Arts or Master’s degree with a degree in Professional French (DFP, Diplôme de Français Professionnel), certified by the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI). The two business-oriented courses in the program provide extensive training for the Paris Chamber of Commerce examinations. Since the beginning of the program, the vast majority of our candidates have successfully taken the DFP exams.

Class of 2023

Georgia ClarkDiplôme AFFAIRES B2
Annabelle FalconerDiplôme AFFAIRES B2
Amelia HerveyDiplôme AFFAIRES B2 (avec MENTION)
Sophia MattsonDiplôme AFFAIRES C1 (avec MENTION)
Talya PolakDiplôme AFFAIRES C1
Mia TranDiplôme AFFAIRES B2 (avec MENTION)

Class of 2022

Lance BrunsonDiplôme AFFAIRES B2
Jordan BurgerDiplôme AFFAIRES B2 (avec MENTION)
Sydney ClaytonDiplôme AFFAIRES B2 (avec MENTION)
Elizabeth CurrieDiplôme AFFAIRES B2
Colleen HugoDiplôme AFFAIRES B2
Alex LangleyDiplôme AFFAIRES B2
Owen OrthweinDiplôme AFFAIRES B2
Isabel PoinsetteDiplôme AFFAIRES B2
Jessica PowersDiplôme AFFAIRES B2
Matthew RichardsDiplôme AFFAIRES B2
Daija YisraelDiplôme AFFAIRES B2

Class of 2021

Sarah FrancesDiplôme AFFAIRES C1 (avec MENTION)
Maddie BedrickDiplôme AFFAIRES B2
English CarriganDiplôme AFFAIRES B2
Kennedy MooreDiplôme AFFAIRES B2 (avec MENTION)
Emily O’ConnellDiplôme AFFAIRES B2
Caitlin SharmaDiplôme AFFAIRES B2
Danielle WemberDiplôme AFFAIRES B2 (avec MENTION)
Anna WoodDiplôme AFFAIRES B2

Class of 2020

Jacqueline D'AddarioDiplôme AFFAIRES C1 (avec MENTION)
Riana GaudetDiplôme AFFAIRES B2
Janny MezaDiplôme AFFAIRES B2
Hope SterkelDiplôme AFFAIRES B2

Class of 2019

Blaze D’AmicoDiplôme AFFAIRES B2
Carol SerranoDiplôme AFFAIRES B2 (avec MENTION)

List of Courses Recommended for DFP Certification

DFP B1 (intermediate) level

  • FREN 3150, Advanced French through Media
  • FREN 3160, Advanced French through Media II
  • FREN 3170, Conversation and Culture
  • FREN 3060, Business French

DFP B2 (upper intermediate) level

  • FREN 3150, Advanced French through Media
  • FREN 3160, Advanced French through Media II
  • FREN 3170, Conversation and Culture
  • FREN 3060, Business French
  • FREN 4010, The Short Story
  • FREN 4160/6160, Translation Theory and Practice
  • FREN 4060/6060, Professional French