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Fall 2021 Courses

Download the Fall 2021 course brochure.

Fall 2021 Course Listing
Course Code Course Title Professor
AFRS-2000-01 Intro to Africana Studies Jerome Dent
AFRS-2000-02 Intro to Africana Studies Corey Miles
AFRS-3200-01 Languages & Cultures of Africa Taofeeq Adebayo
AFRS-4810-01 Sociology of Race & Ethnicity Andrea Boyles
AFRS-4830-01 Black Diasporic Culture Sabia McCoy-Torres
AFRS-4830-02 Folklore & Mythology in Contemporary African Literature & Film Romy Rajan
ARHS-6813-01 What is Black Art? Mia L. Bagneris
ANTH-3095-01 Sex Work Sabia McCoy-Torres
COMM-4140-01 Black Internationalism in the U.S. Kathryn Baldwin
COMM-4440-01 Critical Race Theory Mohan Ambikaipaker
COMM-4811-01 Speculative Genres of Human Jerome Dent
ENLS-4440-01 African-American Literature Edward White
ENLS-4010-01 African Literature Romy Rajan
ENLS-4440-01 African American Literature Edward White
FREN-6085-01 Pidgins and Creoles Thomas Klingler
HACR-1010-01 Elementary Haitian Creole I Myrlène Bruno
HISB-2130-01 History of Southern Africa Elisabeth McMahon
HISB-3910-01 Power in Africa Elisabeth McMahon
HISL-1720-01 Intro Caribbean History Laura Roseanne Adderley
HISU-6540-01 African-American Culture Laura Roseanne Adderley
MUSC-3340-01 History of Jazz Courtney Bryant
MUSC-6060-01 Culture & Power in New Orleans Matt Sakakeeny
PSYC-3310-01 Intro to African American Psycology Jinaki Flint
PSYC-7170-01 Intergroup Relations Lisa Molix
THEA-4750-01 African American Theatre History John Proctor III