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Coordinate Major

12 credits from core International Development (ID) curriculum

  • IDEV 1010- Introduction to International Development
  • IDEV 3200 - Approaches to Sustainable Human Development
  • IDEV 4300 – Identity and Development
  • ECON 1020 – Introduction to Macroeconomics

6 credits of a foreign language (above the 2030 level)*

15 credits of electives (with no more than one course at the 1000 level, and at least one course at 4000 level and at least one course at 6000 level or above).

33 credits total

*The number of required credits will vary depending on participation in summer, semester or year abroad study programs.

Language Requirement

In addition to meeting the established academic course work criteria, students should demonstrate spoken proficiency in a foreign language.

Students are also strongly encouraged to:

  • Participate in an internationally affiliated Tulane Service Learning project or complete an internship related to ID in the U.S. or abroad. 
  • Participate in a summer, semester or year long study abroad program.