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MEMS Fall 2018 courses

Make sure to check Gibson listings for pre-requisites.

ARHS-1010  Art Survey I: Prehist-Mid Ages  (multiple sections)
ARHS-3410-01 Theaters of the Baroque
ARHS-6510-01 Medieval Manuscripts
ARHS-6511-01 Jesuits and the Globe
ARHS-6513-01 Renaissance Empires of Exchnge
ENLS-2010-01 Intro To British Lit I
ENLS-4130-01 Renaissance Literature
ENLS-4190-01 Restoration & 18th C Lit
ENLS-4460-01 Shakespeare I
FREN-4520-01 Eighteenth-Century Lit
HISA-1030-01 Medieval Europe 1100-1450
HISA-1910-01 Dante and His World
HISA-6060-01 Later Medieval Spain
HISL-2110-01 Colonial Latin America
HISM-2200-01 History of Islam to 1400
ITAL-4020-01 Early Modern Travel Literature
ITAL-4440-01 Early Modern Travel Literature
JWST-3540-01 Jewish Renaissance to Age of Reason
MUSC-1410-01 History of Western Music
PHIL-6250-01 Locke's Moral &Poli Phil
SPAN-4060 Pre 20th Century Reading (multiple sections)
SPAN-4430-01 Lit of The Golden Age