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MEMS Spring 2018 courses

ARHS-1010 Art Survey I: Prehist-Mid Ages
ARHS-3200 Early Christ/Byzantn Art
ARHS-3420 Van Eyck to Bruegel
ARHS-3710 Colonial Art of Latin America
ARHS-6230 Art & Arch Medievl Italy
ARHS-6813 Landscape Theory (1450-1800)
ENLS-2010 Intro To British Lit I
ENLS-2100 Intro Shakespeare Page &Screen
ENLS-4160 Restoration & 18th c. Drama
ENLS-4475 Digital Shakespeares
ENLS-4480 Milton
FREN-4810 Early Modern Globalization
FREN-6810 Early Modern Globalization
GERM-3670 Grimm: Devel German Fairy Tale
GERM-4800 Reisen Ins Fremde
GERM-6800 Reisen Ins Fremde
HISA-2030 Byz & Early Med Civilization
HISC-2910 India before 1500
HISE-2420 The Age of Reformation
ITAL-4020 Ital Explorers the New World (Italian)
ITAL-4440 Ital Explorers the New World (English)
JWST-3520 Goldn Age Span Jewry II
PHIL-2020 History of Modern Phil
PHIL-2120 Classics of Modern Polit Phil
POLT-4720 Ancient & Medvl Pol Theory
RUSS-4810 Traditional Russian Culture
SPAN-4060 Pre 20th Century Reading
SPAN-6810 Reading Medieval Iberia
THEA-3710 Shakespeare on the Road