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Third Coast

Third Coast Residential Learning Community Launched and Musical Cultures of the Gulf South Continually Celebrates Interdisciplinary Place-based Learning.

Third Coast Residential Learning Community launched a welcome reception for incoming first year students in Butler Hall! Third Coast examines the gulf south region’s tenuous urbanism, changing climate, and rising seas through place-based learning. First year students will gain an “insider” understanding of how culture and environment intertwine in this new fertile place and how their specific academic and professional goals connect with their surroundings. Third Coast is a partnership between the Tulane University Department of Housing and Residence Life and the New Orleans Center for the Gulf South. It is housed in Sharp Hall where a select number of students particpate. We look forward to engaging in urban and coastal field trips with local experts, and dinner conversations with culture-bearers, scholars, and scientists. For more information about Third Coast RLC, contact Assistant Director of the New Orleans Center for the Gulf South, Denise Frazier or visit the Third Coast Tumblr page.
Phone: (504) 314-2889

Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Laura Kelley

Dr. Brittany Kennedy