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Via Nola Vie

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ViaNolaVie publishes and archives content focusing on New Orleans culture, stories, voices, and creativity, in collaboration with NolaVie journalists, ViaNola students, and community partners.

Who We Are
ViaNolaVie is an innovative non-profit/academic partnership between NolaVie and Tulane University. A collaboration of educational institutions, citizen journalists and community institutions, it brings together content about New Orleans from a variety of voices.

What We Do
ViaNolaVie publishes a broad range of content – written, audio, and visual — to create an archive of articulate, well researched and cogent pieces to educate and entertain readers across the globe.

ViaNolaVie curates commentary and content on New Orleans history, culture, community and lifestyle, maintained in a comprehensive, searchable archive.

ViaNolaVie places students in the community in an interactive, live environment and pairs them with cultural leaders and institutions in order to broaden their education about and impact on urban issues and concerns.

ViaNolaVie is an open, curated site that welcomes submissions and partners from the New Orleans community at large. Learn more by emailing

Where We Are From
A first-of-its-kind partnership between a leading academic institution and an established online magazine, ViaNolaVie started with a conversation in 2015 between Vicki Mayer, Tulane Professor of Communication and digital humanities innovator, and Renee Peck and Kelley Crawford at NolaVie, an online magazine dedicated to New Orleans culture and community.

Given the changing landscape of journalism in the digital age, and the strong service learning and academic research roots at Tulane, these women brainstormed a partnership that would combine resources and strengths to create a new, robust web site. From their beginnings, every element on the site has been designed in conversation with writers and artists, educators and their students, as well as digital and everyday experts. ViaNolaVie is the result — a website designed to cultivate and archive content about the New Orleans community, drawn from writers, students and community partners.

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