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The Emotional Brain

an exhibition exploring mental health

exhibition dates:  August 23 - October 22, 2021

three rows of 19 colorfully decorated sticks pinned to gallery wall
Babette Beaullieu
text of poem by Peter Cooley
Peter Cooley
five hanging double panels with black and white images and text
Jan Gilbert
painting of patient in hospital bed surrounded by doctors
Wayne Greiner
Text of Poem by Carolyn Hembree Tulane University
Carolyn Hembree
collage of woman with golden horn emerging from her head with brightly patterned background
Soraya Jean-Louis
painting of window shade with light behind it
Jeremy Jones
drawings of insects and letterforms on handmade paper, plus poems and flags with text
Kelly Mueller, with text by Brad Richard
Sculpture of Fawn
Sibylle Peretti
Edna Karr, The Emotional Brain
Akasha Rabut
painting of shirt on aluminum
Cynthia Ramirez
page from zine with guidance for meaningful conversation
Chad Shomura and Yumi Sakugawa
abstraction with bright colors and couple standing near center
Regina Scully
series of prints on rice paper hanging on string
Jennifer Shaw
triptych painting of musician, man on beach, and revolver, surrounded by photographs of magic tricks
Maxx Sizeler
painting of a man's face with eyes lowered and tears falling down his face
Tom Strider
painting and collage on two door panels of man sitting on stoop next to an empty chair
Carl Joe Williams
text of poem by Laurie Williams
Laurie Williams