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  • Newcomb Hall, School of Liberal Arts, Tulane University

    In our MISSION, we are dedicated to connecting what our students learn in the classroom and in their research to the outside world.

  • In our enthusiasm for learning, we understand the importance of PLACE, whether the locale is New Orleans or Stratford-upon-Avon.

  • Interdisciplinary in APPROACH, our faculty reach across traditional academic boundaries creating innovative courses, programs, and research.

School of Liberal Arts

Opportunity through Mission, Place, Approach

The School of Liberal Arts at Tulane encompasses the arts, humanities, and social sciences through sixteen departments and nineteen interdisciplinary programs as well as the Carroll Gallery, Shakespeare Festival, Summer Lyric Theatre, and the Middle American Research Institute.  Our small classes allow students to be active learners directly engaged with their courses. With a broad array of majors, minors, Master’s and Ph.D. programs, students can choose to specialize in a wide number of fields, developing long-standing interests or discovering new passions. Engaged in the liberal arts, students not only learn key skills of writing, analysis and communication but come to understand better both themselves and the world beyond. 
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