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Staple Goods at Tulane

Staple Goods at Tulane: a celebration of the art collective's 10th anniversary

June 16 - July 23, 2021

Overview I
Overview II
Aaron Collier, Quarry, 2020, Flashe on canvas 60 x 48”
Aaron Collier
William DePauw, Four Yellow Objects, 2021 glazed / fired ceramic
William DePauw
Daniel Kelly IV, As Through A Screen, 05, 2020 acrylic and pencil on paper
Daniel Kelly IV
Kristina Knipe Auryn’s Shack, 2020 inkjet print 36” x 30
Kristina Knipe
Norah Lovell, Various Selections, Flashe paint on panel, plaster, archival inkjet prints
Norah Lovell
Kaori Maeyama, The Batture I, 2021, oil on panel 32 x 96”
Kaori Maeyama
Minka/Thomasine, Covid Traces: Untitled, 2020, infected digital print, 10“ x  8”
Anne Nelson, Untitled, oil on canvas, Staple Goods at Tulane
Anne Nelson
Jack Niven, Shard, 2021, oil on police car fender, 40” x 36” x 6”
Jack Niven
Laura Richens, Distant Rooftops, 2021, woodcuts, cord 24” x 32”
Laura Richens
Sadie Sheldon, Hide No. 4, 2018, wood 146 x 98”
Sadie Sheldon
Sadie Sheldon, Swimsuit, 2018 found moving blankets, clear vinyl, zippers, nylon thread 22 x 36”
Sadie Sheldon
Lorna Williams ôltər, 2017, mixed media
Lorna Williams