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Tulane Links

Find courses through Tulane's class schedule.

Tulane's Academic Calendar gives access to semester scheduling and breaks.

Howard-Tilton Memorial Library

Tulane Tutoring

German Links

Deutsche Welle Online: links to German newspapers, television, and radio.

Goethe Institute: an internationally-recognized German language program and resource for German cultural information.

Some Online German Periodicals:

Russian Links

This site helps Mac users learn to maneuver the Russian keyboard:

This is the main American Slavic organization:

This is one of the better online newspapers in Russian:

This is an index of Russian sites:

Click here to learn more about Russian Art

For links to East European and Slavic News Media click here

SovInformBureau: the creator of this site claims it is the "ultimate source of information on things Cryllic, Russian, and Soviet." Well-designed links and expert advice and tools to "Russify" your computer.