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Department Committee Members


  • Chair: F. Thomas Luongo (term ends June 2022)*
  • Director of Graduate Studies (DGS): R. Blakeslee Gilpin (term ends June 2023)
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS): Brian DeMare (term ends June 2021)
  • Departmental Facilitator: Randy Sparks
  • Departmental Facilitator: Marline Otte

Committee Chairs are marked with an asterisk (*)

Salary and Evaluation Committee

  • Tom Luongo, Department and Committee Chair*
  • Kris Lane (term ends June 2023)
  • Jana Lipman (term ends June 2023)
  • Randy Sparks (term ends June 2022)
  • Linda Pollock (term ends June 2021)

Chair's Advisory Committee

  • F. Thomas Luongo, Chair*
  • Linda Pollock, Former Department Chair
  • Brian DeMare, Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • R. Blakeslee Gilpin, Director of Graduate Studies

Undergraduate Studies Committee

  • Brian DeMare, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Committee Chair* (term ends June 2021)
  • Kathryn Edwards (term ends June 2022)
  • Karissa Haugeberg (term ends June 2021) On sabbatical Spring 2021
  • Elizabeth McMahon (term ends June 2022) On sabbatical Fall 2020
  • Guadalupe García (replacement for sabbaticals, Fall 2020 and Spring 2021)

Graduate Committee

  • Blake Gilpin, Director of Graduate Studies (term ends June 2023)*
  • Jim Boyden (term ends June 2023)
  • Kris Lane (term ends June 2023)
  • Andy Horowitz (term ends June 2021)

Website, Media and Communication Committee

  • Justin Wolfe (term ends June 2022)
  • Felipe Cruz (term ends June 2021)
  • Marline Otte (term ends June 2023)

Research and Travel Committee

  • James Boyden (term ends June 2022)
  • Emily Clark (term ends June 2023)
  • Richard Teichgraeber (term ends June 2023)

Scheduling Committee

  • Linda Pollock (term ends June 2021)
  • Justin Wolfe (term ends June 2022)
  • Andy Horowitz (term ends June 2022)
  • Elisabeth McMahon (term ends June 2020)


Past Committee Memberships    
The make-up of past committees can be downloaded from the History file server.
Click here to access (password-protected)