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Emeriti Faculty

Emeriti Faculty

The faculty of the Department of History are internationally recognized scholars and teachers. They are committed to the highest caliber of research and publishing while maintaining the engagement with students and excellence in teaching for which Tulane University is justly renowned.

George L. Bernstein

Emeritus Faculty (Ph.D., Chicago, 1978)
George L. Bernstein specializes in 19th and 20th century Britain, especially political history and the development of Liberalism.

Sylvia R. Frey

Emerita Faculty (Ph.D., Tulane, 1969)
Sylvia R. Frey specializes in Colonial and Revolutionary America; U.S. political traditions and institutions; women and religion.

Richard B. Latner

Emeritus Faculty (Ph.D., UW Madison, 1972)
Richard B. Latner specializes in Jacksonian America; Sectionalism and Civil War; Salem Witchcraft, and Digital Humanities.
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Colin M. MacLachlan

Emeritus Faculty (Ph.D., UCLA, 1969)
Colin M. MacLachlan has held many outstanding posts at Tulane, including that of John Christy Barr Distinguished Professor. His specialty is Latin America social history, and he has authored many landmark books and articles on Brazil and Mexico, as well as on the Spanish Empire. MacLachlan's latest book is Imperialism and the Origins of Mexican Culture (Harvard University Press, 2015).  His current interest is in environmental history, especially the comparative study of rivers.

Lawrence N. Powell

Emeritus Faculty (Ph.D., Yale, 1976)
Before his retirement, Lawrence Powell was the James H. Clark Endowed Chair in American Civilization. He specialized in Civil War and Reconstruction; Southern history; Louisiana history and politics; and the Holocaust. From 1998 to 2000 he was Director of Tulane's Campus Affiliates Program (CAP); from 2000 to 2005 he was Executive Director of the Tulane/Xavier National Center for the Urban Community, and from 2010 to 2012 he directed the New Orleans Center for the Gulf South.
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Susan Schroeder

Emerita Faculty (Ph.D., UCLA, 1984)
Susan Schroeder is the France Vinton Scholes Professor of Latin American Colonial History Emerita. She specializes in the social history of the Native Americans of Colonial Mexico, particularly in the Nahuas as marginal intellectuals. Her special interest is the philological study of Nahuatl-language documents.

Ralph Lee Woodward, Jr.

Emeritus Faculty (Ph.D., Tulane, 1962)
Ralph Lee Woodward, Jr. specializes in Latin America with an emphasis on post-independence Central America.

Gertrude M. Yeager

Emerita Faculty (Ph.D., Texas Christian, 1975)
Gertrude Yeager specializes in Latin American social and political history, Spanish South America, and women and gender.