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Tulane's School of Liberal Arts is committed to excellence in teaching and learning. We have moved to online teaching and are monitoring developments related to the coronavirus (COVID-19). For more information, click here.

Faculty and all instructors in the School of Liberal Arts: Please login to Canvas for the most recent announcements and teaching instructions.

History Department Contact List

Professor Contact Number Office Number Email Address
Professor Laura Adderley 504-862-8631 326C
Professor Yigit Akin 504-862-8616 215A
Professor James Boyden 504-862-8613 211
Professor Emily Clark 504-862-8605 215E
Professor Felipe Cruz 504-862-8619 215H
Professor Brian DeMare (Director of Undergraduate Studies)  504-862-8607 326B
Professor M. Kathryn (Katie) Edwards 504-862-8609 215F
Professor Guadalupe Garcia (Director of Graduate Studies) 504-862-8539 109
Professor Robert Gilpin 504-862-8611 207
Professor Kenneth Harl 504-862-8626 108
Professor Karissa Haugeberg 504-862-8614 122
Professor Andrew Horowitz 504-862-8608 326A
Professor Walter Isaacson
Professor Laura Kelley 504-862-8600 204
Professor Kris Lane  504-862-8622 209
Professor Jana Lipman 504-862-8618 113
Professor Tom Luongo (Department Chair) 504-862-8620 215C
Professor Elisabeth McMahon 504-862-8625 203
Professor Marline Otte 504-862-8621 215B
Professor Linda Pollock 504-862-8615 121
Professor Samuel Ramer 504-862-8604 119
Professor Randy J. Sparks 504-862-8627 118
Professor Richard F. Teichgraeber III 504-862-3237 303
Professor Justin Wolfe 504-862-8630 205

Department Staff

Name Contact Number Email Address
Donna Denneen, Administrative Operations Manager   504-865-5588
Daniely Soriano, Administrative Secretary 504-865-5162