About the Department of Germanic & Slavic Studies

We live in an exciting time when interacting with people from around the world is easier and faster than ever. Learning German, Russian, and other Slavic languages will enhance your employment opportunities in the global economy, open up travel opportunities, and allow you to communicate with millions of people worldwide. Through study abroad programs, students at Tulane can use and perfect their language skills in other countries around the world. 

Our department has had a long history at Tulane. German was taught as early as 1878, when Tulane was called the University of Louisiana, and we have had a Russian department since 1960. The two departments merged in 1970 to become the Germanic and Slavic Languages Department. We take pride in the variety of classes offered by our department and hope you will join us. Whether you plan to major or minor in our department or are just taking a few classes to learn about other cultures, we are excited to welcome you to our program!

Elio Brancaforte
Department Chair