Bodo Gotzkowsky, Germanic & Slavic, Tulane University

Bodo Gotzkowsky

John T. Krumpelmann Professor of German


Professor Bodo Gotzkowsky received his Ph.D. in 1966 from Rice University. Before coming to the United States he studied at the University of Marburg and Vienna. From 1962-67, he taught German at the University of Mississippi and at the University of Houston.
In 1967, he joined the German Department at Tulane University where he taught undergraduate and graduate German courses. In addition to Elementary and Intermediate German, he taught: Advanced Conversation and Composition, Introduction to German literature, Survey of German literature (1200-1700), Baroque, Romanticism, the German Novelle, the German Drama, the novels of Hermann Hesse and Shorter Forms of German Prose.

His research focused on 16th century German literature (German Humanism/Age of the Reformation) and his major publications include critical editions (5 volumes) of the works of Johannes Adelphus Muling and Hans Wilhelm Kirchhof. A two-volume annotated bibliography of German Volksbuecher (Chapbooks) of the 16th and 17th century appeared in 1991 and in 1994. He also published a number of articles on various aspects of German literature. His most recent research dealt with the woodcut illustrations of Hans Brosamer and their function within the texts of popular novels of the 15th and 16th century.

He was appointed to be Professor-in-Charge of the Tulane/Newcomb Junior Year Abroad Program in Paris (1970/71) and served three times as Department Chairman (1972-78, 1982-88, 1997-98). In 1999, Dr. Gotzkowsky was appointed the John T. Krumpelmann Professor of German, Tulane University. Professional listings in: the Directory of American Scholars and in the Directory of German Studies (1995).

The department notes with regret that Prof. Gotzkowsky passed away in September 2020.