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Major and Minor

Tulane's Program in Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS) offers a flexible, multidisciplinary major and minor designed to foster knowledge of the medieval and early modern worlds from the fourth through seventeenth centuries. Crossing national, linguistic, and disciplinary boundaries, MEMS gives students the analytic tools and historical understanding necessary for navigating our own interconnected, globalized world. The program draws on the expertise of faculty members from multiple departments within the School of Liberal Arts (Art History, Asian Studies, Classical Studies, English, French and Italian, Germanic and Slavic Studies, History, Jewish Studies, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Spanish and Portuguese) and encourages students to choose their course of study according to their own interests. Students are also encouraged whenever possible to engage with primary source materials from Tulane's Rare Books Collection, online, or from other libraries.


The major consists of 30 credits (ten courses) to be distributed in the following manner:

  1. Three courses each from two of three categories: medieval (300-1499), early modern (1500-1799), and crossover (spanning medieval and early modern).
  2. Any four additional courses listed in the program.

The student may take up to four courses in a single department. Of the ten courses, no more than three courses may be taken below the 300-level, and at least two must be completed at the 400-level or above.

The minor consists of 18 credits (six courses) to be distributed in the following manner:

  1. Two courses each from two of three categories: medieval, early modern, and crossover.
  2. Any two additional courses listed in the program

Category I: Medieval

ARHS 1010 Art Survey I: Prehistory to Middle Ages

ARHS 3200 Early Christian and Byzantine Art

ARHS 3210 Art and Experience in the Middle Ages

ARHS 3220 Romanesque and Gothic Art

ARHS 6210 Medieval Pilgrimages: Saints, Bones, and Art

ARHS 6220 Women and Gender in Medieval Art

ARHS 6230 Art and Architecture of Medieval Italy

ASTA 3510 Premodern Japanese Culture

ENLS 4110 Middle English Literature

ENLS 4120 Medieval Literature

ENLS 4450 Chaucer

ENLS 6070 Introduction to Old English

ENLS 6120 Medieval Literature

ENLS 6450 Chaucer

FREN 4220 Medieval French Literature

FREN 6220 Medieval French Literature

HISA 1020 The Barbarian West

HISA 1030 Medieval Europe, 1100-1450

HISA 2030 Early Medieval and Byzantine Civilization from Constantine to the Crusades

HISA 2310 Medieval England

HISA 2350 Medieval Italy

HISA 3170 Medieval Spain

HISA 3910 Special Topics in Medieval and Ancient History

HISA 4140 The Crusades, 1095-1291

HISA 4150 The Age of the Vikings

HISA 4910 Special Topics in Medieval and Ancient History

HISA 6090 Seminar in Select Topics in Byzantine History

HISA 6230 Medieval Cities

HISA 6270 Women and Gender in the Middle Ages

HISM 2200 History of Islam to 1400

ITAL 4010 Topics in Origins and Masterpieces of 13th- and 14th-Century Italian Literature

JWST 3500 The Golden Age of Spanish Jewry I: Moslem Spain

JWST 3520 The Golden Age of Spanish Jewry II: Christian Spain

JWST 3530 Jewish Life and Thought in the High Middle Ages

JWST 4110 Rabbinic Judaism

JWST 4350 Rashi, Halevi, Maimonides: Rabbinic Luminaries of the Middle Ages

LATN 4070 Medieval Latin

PHIL 3240 Medieval Philosophy

SPAN 4420 Introduction to Multicultural Medieval Iberia

SPAN 6810 Reading Medieval Iberia

Category II: Cross-Over

AHST 3300 Islamic Architecture

ARHS 3310 Art of the Early Renaissance in Italy

ARHS 6020P Art and Belief in the Western Tradition

ENLS 2010 Introduction to British Literature I

ENLS 4490 Early Major Authors

ENLS 5010 Seminar in British Literature to 1800

ENLS 6050 History of the English Language

ENLS 6490 Early Major Authors

FREN 4210 History of the French Language

FREN 6210 History of the French Language

GERM 3660 Love, Death, and Sexuality from the Middle Ages to the Baroque

GERM 3670 Grimm Reckonings: The Development of the German Fairy Tal

HISE 1210 Europe and the Wider World: From the Renaissance to 1789

HISE 2240 Russian History from the 9th to the Mid-19th Centuries

HISE 2410 Spain, 1369-1716

HISM 6140 Islam and the Western Mediterranean World, 1000-1900

MUSC 1410 History of European Music to 1750

RUSS 3030 Masterpieces of Russian Literature I

RUSS 3530 Survey of Russian Art

SPAN 4060 Pre-20th Century Readings in Spanish

SPAN 6510 History of the Spanish Language

Category III: Early Modern

ARHS 3230 Visual Culture of Golden Age Spain

ARHS 3320 16th-Century Italian Art

ARHS 3330 Italian Renaissance Architecture

ARHS 3360 Art and Desire at the Renaissance Courts

ARHS 3410 Theatres of the Baroque

ARHS 3420 Baroque Art

ARHS 3430 Rubens to Rembrandt

ARHS 3440 Italian Baroque Art

ARHS 3710 Colonial Art of Latin America

ENLS 3230 Shakespeare Select Plays

ENLS 3750 American Life in American Literature, 1620-1864

ENLS 4130 Renaissance Literature

ENLS 4140 17th-Century Literature

ENLS 4150 Early Modern Theater

ENLS 4170 18th-Century Novel

ENLS 4190 Restoration and 18th-Century Literature

ENLS 4310 American Literature to 1820

ENLS 4460, 4470Shakespeare I and II

ENLS 4480 Milton

ENLS 5310 Seminar in American Literature to 1820

ENLS 6130 Renaissance Literature

ENLS 6170 18th Century Literature

ENLS 6190 Restoration and 18th Century Literature

ENLS 6460, 6470 Shakespeare

ENLS 6480 Milton

FREN 4320 Renaissance Literature

FREN 4410 17th-Century French Literature

FREN 4420 17th-Century Drama

FREN 4520 18th-Century Literature

FREN 6320 Renaissance Prose

FREN 6410 17th-Century Literature

FREN 6520 18th-Century Literature

HISB 4250 The Atlantic Slave Trade

HISE 2160 Europe in the 18th Century

HISE 2320 Early Modern England

HISE 2420 The Age of Reformation

HISE 3300 Death, Disease, Destitution and Despair in Early Modern Europe

HISE 3140 Household, Gender, and Sexuality in Early Modern Europe

HISE 6050 The Italian Renaissance

HISE 6100 Renaissance and Reformation, 1450-1660

HISE 6330 Imperial Spain, 1469-1716

HISE 6350 Crime and Punishment in Hanoverian England

HISE 6360 English Civil War

HISE 6370 Seminar in Early Modern England

HISL 1710 Introduction to Latin American History

HISL 2760 Colonial Mexico

HISL 2810 Colonial Brazil

HISL 3710 Seminar: The Colonial Heritage of Latin America

HISU 2400 Women and Gender in U.S. History to 1830

HISU 2510 Atlantic World 1450-1800

HISU 2520 Early America to 1800

ITAL 4020 Topics in Renaissance Literature

ITAL 4030 Topics in 17th- and 18th-Century Italian Literature

JWST 3540 Jewish Life & Thought from the Renaissance to the Age of Reason

MUSC 6230 Keyboard Literature 1600-1750

PHIL 2020 History of Modern Philosophy

PHIL 2120 Classics of Ancient Political Philosophy II

SPAN 3450 Don Quijote in Translation

SPAN 4140 Introduction to Colonial Letters

SPAN 4230 Visual Culture of Golden Age Spain

SPAN 4430 Literature of the Golden Age

SPAN 6110 Foundations of Colonial Spanish American Literature (1492-1830)

SPAN 6330 Spanish Prose of the Golden Age

SPAN 6410 Don Quijote

SPAN 6430 Drama of the Golden Age

SPAN 6440 Poetry of the Golden Age