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Native American Studies

Contact for Advising:

Judith Maxwell
Professor of Anthropology
Office: 413 Dinwiddie Hall
Phone: 504-862-3046

Native American Studies Minor

The Native American Studies minor offers students the opportunity to increase their knowledge of indigenous peoples of the Americas, their (pre)history, their lifeways, their languages, and the issues they face today. Active engagement in co-construction of knowledge with Native American scholars, educators and activists is encouraged and facilitated in and out of the classroom.

The Native American Studies minor requires five courses (15 Credits).

Two of the following:

Three electives

Students will choose three elective courses for the minor from the list shown in the catalog. Courses not listed below with 60% or more Native American content can be added to the student’s program by approval of the director.

    1. ANTH 1050 Native America: An Introduction
      ANTH 3535 Native American Languages and Linguistics
      An archaeology course chosen from the archaeology course offerings with Native American content, see catalog (please add link here) for the full list.

Eligible Classes offered in Fall 2019:

ANTH 1050 Native America: Introduction