Black, White, & Things

January 14 - February 6, 2013

two framed photographs on wall
Leslie Addison and George Yerger
diptych drawing with large fields of black made by ballpoint pen
William DePauw
black relief print of flying reptiles printed on silver paper
Blake Sanders
pair of dark drawings pinned to wall with architectural features
Daniel Kelly IV
relief print in black on white fabric with stitching
Hannah March Sander
framed painting of a woman with arms crossed amidst field of black and gray rectangles
Joel Kelly
assembly of rectangular, square and round small framed prints in black and white
Mary Jane Parker
series of four paintings of two distorted figures who appear to be wrestling
Robyn Denny
series of four tall ceramic pitchers with black and white sgraffito decoration
Rachael DePauw
two pale white drawings, framed
Megan Roniger
white painted panel with cloud-like forms and central shape created with black and graysmoke
Karoline Schleh
series of lightweight cloths painted with calligraphic markings hanging from wall to ceiling
Yuka Petz

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