Labor of Love

August 25 - October 6, 2017

banner with photographs of hands and forearms
Clifton Faust
two banners, with repeated hand motifs handling paper and in loose fists
Clifton Faust
grid of nine square portraits of people from social media profile pics
Ben Haist
close-up view of two small painted panels with scenes from library
Norah Lovell
Battle of New Orleans
Norah Lovell
digital print of stained-glass-window-like design, made of insect wings and bodies
Kelly McMahon
wall-hung fabric, paint and paper collage including chairs and sea urchins
Kelly Mueller
collage made of paper, cloth and paint, with image of swarm of ticks
Kelly Mueller
multi-colored crocheted wall hanging that meanders over two converging walls
Hannah March Sanders
video monitor with still from hand-animated digital work with old man at sea
Sam Stolte
paper construction  consisting of palm trees, passenger pigeon, rear view of prisoners marching
Sam Stolte
abstract square construction of paint and mixed media, with pink and white hues
Hasmig Vartanian
square wall-hung construction made of painted and woven canvas strips
Hasmig Vartanian

Participating Artists:

  • Clifton Faust
  • Ben Haist
  • Norah Lovell
  • Kelly McMahon
  • Kelly Mueller
  • Hannah Campbell Sanders
  • Sam Stolte
  • Hasmig Vartanian

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