MFA Thesis Exhibitions 2017 - Pippin Frisbie-Calder: When There Were Many

April 11 - 21, 2017

cut-out woodblock print of ivory-billed woodpecker
gallery wall with hundreds of cut-out ivory-billed woodpecker prints
giant whopping crane with two human crane suits
crane suit for humans with mask mounted on wall against dark foliate wallpaper
view of gallery wall with most of woodpecker prints removed
three horizontal bands of transluscent rice paper printed with bird and branch images
snapping turtle sculpture emerging from wall
prints on transparencies with cast shadows on wall
installation view of three adjacent walls in galley covered in dark foliate wallpaper with crane head and turtle head sculptures
close-up view of bird head sculpture emerging from wall covered in printed wallpaper
framed print of diatoms
gallery view with large sculpture of double snake-headed forms

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