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performative / interactive

October 6 -28, 2015

view of gallery wall with many hand-printed remnants from performance pieces by artist couple
Kyle Bravo and Jenny LeBlanc - installation view
installation view of toaster with framed image of burning toaster
Amanda Cassingham-Bardwell
corner installation with beauty chair and grid of twelve photos of that chair in various locations in New Orleans, each taken on a different birthday of the artist
Susan Gisleson
installation view of coffeepot with its own Instagram account, on small table with cream and sugar, and video monitor of coffeepot's social media account
Amanda Cassingham-Bardwell
two adjoining walls of gallery, one with four rows of small unframed photos, and one with video monitor showing videos of horses visiting the inside of a museum, with bench for viewer
Lee Deigaard
three framed photographs, one in middle of woman's foot in high heeled shoe crushing a cake
Susan Gisleson
tiles resembling periodic table of elements with letters of alphabet and silhouetted images and electronic equipment
Kevin H. Jones
sculpture shaped like cut gem with each facet covered in color photograph of hardware
Srdjan Loncar
scroll of relief prints showing figure in various poses
Jenny LeBlanc, detail
sculpture of figure in stuffed jeans and fabric peacock plumage, with video of figure dressed similarly in performance
Natalie McLaurin
two vertical framed drawings created by smoke
Karoline Schleh
gallery room with virtual reality viewer, screen with video projection and small machine that takes coins
John Seefeldt

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