Work by the Newcomb Art Department's Adjunct Faculty, Professors of Practice and Visiting Professor

August 23 - October 3, 2008

Aaron Collier, Originals, 2008
Aaron Collier
William DePauw, Originals, 2008
William DePauw
Steven Durow, Originals, 2008
Steven Durow
Stephen Hilger, Originals, 2008
Stephen Hilger
Megan Hillerud, Originals, 2008
Megan Hillerud
Rick Lineberger, Originals, 2008
Rick Lineberger
Adam Mysock, Originals, 2008
Adam Mysock
David E. Robinson, Originals, 2008
David E. Robinson
Blake Sanders, Originals, 2008
Blake Sanders
David Sullivan, Originals, 2008
David Sullivan


"Originality does not consist in saying what no one has ever said before,
but in saying exactly what you think yourself." –James Stephens, Irish poet and novelist

Participating Artists:

  • Aaron Collier
  • William DePauw
  • Steven Durow
  • Stephen Hilger
  • Megan Hillerud
  • Rick Lineberger
  • Adam Mysock
  • David E. Robinson
  • Blake Sanders
  • David Sullivan

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