Tulane Contemporary.4 - a Prospect.4 Satellite Exhibition

November 16, 2017 - February 9, 2018

large square artwork of cardboard and markers
Anthony Baab
series of blue pattern-printed scrolls against yellow striped wall
Teresa A. Cole
painting of dark black with small yellow disk and pink vertical stripe
Aaron Collier

terra cotta ceramic dome with scalloped surfact
William DePauw
oil painting of ocean waves
Ronna S. Harris
warrior helmet in orange acrylic case hung on wall
Kevin Jones
two vertical abstract paintings
Anne Nelson
grid of four framed photos, each against contrasting patterned vinyl adhered to wall
Jonathan Traviesa
five steel and neon squares hung up high on wall with yellow and pink balloons
Adam Crosson
vertical hanging silk piece printed with image of computer hardware
AnnieLaurie Erickson
series of three abstracted landscape photographs
Jeremy Jernegan

sculpture of rusted steel and cast class incorporating shovel form
Gene Koss
sculptural arch in cast glass and cable
Christian Stock

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