Ways of Looking: an invitation to thoughtful observation

Jane Cassidy: The Thin Veil

mage of surf on sand, still image from The Thin Veil by Jane Cassidy

Video Still from The Thin Veil by Jane Cassidy – wave washing up on sand

Ellen Bull: Peach Body Summer

Peach Body Summer by Ellen Bull. Installation cardboard walls with suspended fabric fried eggs

Peach Body Summer installation by Ellen Bull, with cardboard covered seats and monitor

woman in large round peach suit sitting in darkened room

Drawing Area

Overview of three still lifes in gallery with clipboards on wall

Still life with vases and spider plant on pedestal

Table with books and monitor in gallery

Visitors are invited to engage in the acts of careful observation and drawing, and to peruse resources related to the idea of “slow looking.”

“Slow Looking” at works from the Newcomb Art Collection

From left Unknown Artist, 20th c.; Japanese artist, Kossu, 20th c.; in red mat- Thai artist, 20th c.

Left unknown, Madonna Crowned, 19th century; right– Sherry Karver, The Flow of Intension, 2021

Left Emily Hermant, Untitled, 2015 Right Mark Tobey, Chinese Memories, 1973

Here, viewers are encouraged to observe these works with a magnifying glass, to allow themselves to be drawn into the detailed works, to study the mark-making, tiny stitches, and multiple layers, both physical and visual.

Piney Woods, 1920; Untitled, 1918; Moonrise, 1913; Wood Whitesell in Patio, 1925; Strapped, 1987.

Ellsworth Woodward – Piney Woods, 1920. William Woodward – Untitled, 1918. Moonrise, 1913.

Attr. Nell Pomeroy O’Brien, Wood Whitesell in Patio, 1925–65. Jesselyn Benson Zurik, Strapped, 1987.

Additional works are presented by artists with close ties to the Newcomb Art Department, with detailed biographies included in the wall text, bringing attention to yet more layers through which one can interpret and appreciate these works.

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