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Recent Publications

Radu Bogdan

  • "Scaffolding Early Acquisitions in Communication and Language: Intuitive Psychology as Mind Designer," in Budwig et. al. (eds.), Rethinking Language and Communication Development, Cambridge University Press, 2016.
  • "Memory as a Window on the Mind," in Parvu (ed.), Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science. Springer, 2015.
  • Mindvaults: Sociocultural Grounds for Pretending and Imagining, (MIT Press), 2013

Ronna Burger

  • On Plato's Euthyphro (Carl Friedrich von Siemens Foundation, Munich, Dec. 2015).
  • "Socrates' Odyssean Return: on Plato's Charmides," in Schaeffer and Dustin, Socratic Philosophy and its Others (Rowman and Littlefield 2013)
  • "Maimonides on Knowledge of Good and Evil: The Guide of the Perplexed 1.2," in Lomax and Pangle, Political Philosophy Cross-Examined (Palgrave-Macmillan 2013).

Eric Mack

  • Libertarianism (Polity Press 2018)
  • “Natural Rights,” Arguments for Liberty, ed. Aaron Powell (Washington, D.C: Cato Institute, 2017), 30-59.
  • "John Locke's Defense of Commercial Society," in Heath and Kaldis, Wealth, Commerce, and Philosophy (Chicago 2016)
  • "Elbow Room for Self-Defense," Social Philosophy and Policy (2016)
  • "Elbow Room for Rights," in Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy (Oxford 2015)
  • "Robert Nozick's Political Philosophy", in Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy  (2014)

Kevin Morris

Oliver Sensen

David Shoemaker

Chad Van Schoelandt

  • "Moral Accountability and Social Norms" Social Philosophy & Policy 35 (2018)
  • "Consensus on What? Convergence for What?: Four Models of Political Liberalism" (with Gerald Gaus), Ethics (forthcoming)

Richard Velkley