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Corey Horn
Corey Horn
PhD Student


M.A. in History, Eastern Washington University, 2019
B.A. in Philosophy, Eastern Washington University, 2017


Academic Interests

  • Modern Philosophy
  • Scottish Enlightenment
  • Ethics
  • Social and Political Philosophy


  • (forthcoming) Philosophy and Marvel’s Avengers (Lexington Books) (co-editor with Kevin S. Decker).
  • (under consideration) “Recovering Thomas Paine: A Radical Cosmopolitan Leader,” Journal of the History of Political Thought.
  • (August 2018) “CIVIL WAR! The Battle of Security, Liberty and the Spider-Man,” in Iron Man Verse Captain America and Philosophy (Open Court) eds. Nicolas Michaud and Jessica Watkins.
  • (July 2017) “Is the Anti-Fascist Resistance a Terror Organization?” The Man in the High Castle and Philosophy (Open Court) eds. Bruce Krajewski and Joshua Heter.


  • “The Rise of Public Philosophy: Bringing Philosophy Out of the Classroom,” PCA/ACA. Washington D.C. (April 2019).
  • “Pop-Cultural, Education and Philosophy: Creating a K-12 Program,” FWPCA. Las Vegas, Nevada (February 2019).
  • “Kant, Habermas and the Cosmopolitan Agenda,” Northwest Philosophy Conference. Pullman, Washington (October 2017).
  • “Anthropocentric Indirect Arguments for Environmental Change With Respect to Future Generations,” SIRC. Spokane, Washington (April 2017).
  • “Kant, Habermas and the Cosmopolitan Agenda,” NCUR. Memphis, Tennessee (April 2017).
  • “Politeia: A Solution to Political Unrest for the United States,” The World Congress of Philosophy. Athens, Greece (July 2016).