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Marcus Hunt
Ph.D. Student
Newcomb 107


Academic Interests

  • Moral and Political Philosophy
  • Just War Theory
  • Philosophy of Science

Book Reviews

  • Michael Brady and Miranda Fricker (Eds). The Epistemic Life of Groups. Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review.
  • C├ęcile Fabre. Cosmopolitan Peace. Political Studies Review, Vol.15, Iss.3, 2017, pp.430-431.
  • Robert Perry. Revisionist Scholarship and Modern Irish Politics. Irish Economic and Social History, Vol.42, 2015, pp.191-192.
  • Bernadette Hayes and Ian McAllister. Conflict to Peace: Politics and Society in Northern Ireland over Half a Century. Irish Political Studies, Vol.30, Iss.2, 2015, pp.317-318.
  • John Wolffe (Ed). Irish Religious Conflict in Comparative Perspective: Catholics, Protestants and Muslims.Irish Political Studies. 2015.
  • Cillian McBride. Recognition. Political Studies Review, Vol.13, Iss.2, 2015, p.252.
  • Paul Furlong. Social and Political Thought of Julius Evola. Political Studies Review, Vol.12, Iss.2, 2015, p.247.
  • James Petras and Henry Veltmeyer.Imperialism and Capitalism in the Twenty-First Century: A System in Crisis. Political Studies Review, Vol.13, Iss.1, 2015, pp.131-132.
  • Roland Boer. In the Vale of Tears: On Marxism and Theology, Marx and Philosophy Review of Books. 2014.


  • "Reasonable Disagreement and Real-World Disagreement," 2017 Louisiana State University Graduate Philosophy Conference.
  • "Megalopsychia Recrowned," 2017 University of Kentucky Philosophy Graduate Student Conference.
  • "Occupation and the Right to Democratic Self-Government," 2017 Mississippi Philosophical Association Conference.
  • "Kant's 'Teleological Power of Judgement," 2016 Lehigh University Philosophy Conference
  • "Schechtman's Person Life View: Conventionalist Worries," 2016 Louisiana State University Graduate Conference.

Recent Awards

  • Institute for Humane Studies,Humane Studies Fellowship 2017-2018.
  • Mercatus Institute, Adam Smith Fellowship 2017-2018.