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Marcus Hunt

Ph.D. Student
Newcomb 107


Academic Interests

  • Applied Ethics
  • Social Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Philosophy of Religion

Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • Asymmetry and the Afterlife: A Christian Response to Benatar, National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly (forthcoming, 2019)
  • The Phenomenology of Intuition: A Critique of Bealer, Florida Philosophical Review (forthcoming, 2019)
  • Parental Compromise, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (online, 2019: pp.1-22)
  • Veganism and Children: Physical and Social Well-being, Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 32 (2), 2019: pp.269-291
  • Conciliationism and Fictionalism, Organon F: International Journal of Analytic Philosophy 25 (4), 2018: pp.456-472

Book Chapters

  • Reasons to Believe, Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion, Beau Branson (ed.), Rebus Community Press (forthcoming, 2019)

Book Reviews

  • Michael Brady and Miranda Fricker (Eds). The Epistemic Life of Groups. Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review. 57 (4), 2018: pp.916-918
  • Cécile Fabre. Cosmopolitan Peace. Political Studies Review, Vol.15, Iss.3, 2017, pp.430-431
  • Cillian McBride. Recognition. Political Studies Review, Vol.13, Iss.2, 2015, p.252
  • Roland Boer. In the Vale of Tears: On Marxism and Theology, Marx and Philosophy Review of Books, 2014

Recent Presentations

  • “Why Parent Together?,” 2019 Central States Philosophical Association
  • “Non-Isometric Emotions and their Fittingness Conditions,” 2019 Wisconsin Philosophical Association
  • “Why is the Teleological Argument so Popular?,” 2019 Louisiana State University Graduate Philosophy Conference
  • "Parental Compromise," 2018 Florida Philosophical Association
  • "Asymmetry and the Afterlife," 2018 Central States Philosophical Association and 2018 Alabama Philosophical Society
  • “Conciliationism and the Philosophy of ‘As If’,” 2018 Louisiana State University Graduate Philosophy Conference
  • “Thankfulness, Morality, and the Divine,” 2018 Perspectives on Faith – Boston College Philosophy Graduate Conference
  • “Divorcing Occupation from Just War Theory,” 2018 New Mexico-Texas Philosophical Society Conference

Recent Awards

  • Mercatus Institute, Adam Smith Fellowship 2019-2020
  • School of Liberal Arts, Tulane University, Summer Merit Fellowship 2019
  • Institute for Humane Studies, Humane Studies Fellowship, 2018-2019
  • Murphy Institute Graduate Fellowship 2018-2019
  • Department of Philosophy, Tulane University, Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Philosophy 2017