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Ronna Burger
105F Newcomb Hall


Ph.D., New School for Social Research, 1975


Ronna Burger is Professor of Philosophy, Gaisman Chair and Director of Judeo-Christian Studies, Sizeler Professor of Jewish Studies, and Director of the Religious Studies Minor. She regularly offers seminars on particular works of Plato and Aristotle, and has recently been teaching a series of undergraduate courses, “Bible and Philosophy,” on different topics each term.

Books and Monographs:

Selected Articles:

  • "The Erotic and the Thumotic Soul," in The Eccentric Core (St. Augustine's Press, 2017)
  • “Woman and Nature: the Female Drama of the Book of Genesis,” Athens, Arden, Jerusalem (Lexington Books, 2017)
  • “Imitation and Representation: Mimesis in Aristotle’s Poetics,” Encyclopedia of Aesthetics (Oxford, 2nd ed. 2014)
  • “Socrates’ Odyssean Return: on Plato’s Charmides,” in Strange Fellows: Socratic Philosophy and its Others (Lexington Books, 2013, reprinted 2015)
  • "Maimonides on Knowledge of Good and Evil: The Guide of the Perplexed I.2,” in Political Philosophy Cross-Examined (Palgrave Macmillan. 2013)

Recent Papers Presented:

  • Aristotle on Friendship, Philosophy, and the Metaphysics of Eros,” Keynote Speaker, Ancient Philosophy Society, April 2017.
  • “Women and Nature: the Female Drama in the Book of Genesis,” Committee on Social Thought, University of Chicago, November 2016.


  • Plato and Aristotle
  • Maimonides
  • Bible and Philosophy