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Yasmina Aidi Visiting Faculty Department of Spanish & Portuguese

Yasmina Aidi

Assistant Professor
Newcomb Hall 318 E


She completed her Ph.D. at Princeton University, Masters at Florida Atlantic University and her undergraduate studies at the Complutense University of Madrid. Her research interests lie in the area of Moroccan-Spanish colonial and postcolonial periods. Especially focusing on the importance of countercultures and drug circulation in the configuration of cultural imaginaries in the Mediterranean: exploring cultural exchanges between Spain and the Rif area of Morocco in times of colony, war, militarization or border construction. She is interested at offering a multilayered and alternative histories to  Hispano–Moroccan relations based on underground encounters, cooperation, resistance, tolerance and difference. Her research stretches from the 19th century up until today, covering the recent audiovisual representations of North-African borders in relation to the birth of narco-trafficking and undocumented migration in the Mediterranean.